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PLEASE NOTE: signs around Narabang Way can be confusing. 

Please refer to the maps below and follow the red/blue line direction, depending on where are you coming from. You will see even street number signs (20, 22 and 24) on your left before you see an odd street number sign '15-25 Narabang Way'. Turn left onto this one way road and you will see building 23 on your right (see the picture below). Parking information is at the bottom of the page.


By Car from Mona Vale Rd

From Mona Vale Road Crop.jpg

By Car from Forest Way

From Forest Way Crop.jpg

Walking from Home Co / Garigal Rd

On Foot Crop.jpg


There are a limited number of visitor's car parks available that are located in front of our building. If the visitor's car parks are full, you can park your car in main Narabang Way where you see valid street parking signs. Alternatively, you may park at Belrose Super Centre and it is only five-minute walk to our clinic.


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